Gait Analysis

How RehaGait works

What data will I receive after a 10 step cycle?

RehaGait includes an easy to use and intuitive software that allows you to review the data and make adjustments to your treatment program. Many different parameters, such as duration, frequency, length and number of steps, as well as speed, gait phases, the angle of the foot, ground clearance and circumduction can be evaluated with RehaGait. The analysis of the therapy progression may take some seconds depending on the number of measurement since the measurements are recalculated.

After a successful analysis, you will find the flow charts sorted by parameter group. The course of parameters is shown as score model. The recorded value is compared with a maximum of 1.0 to the reference value median of the corresponding parameter. The individual measurement sessions are indicated on the horizontal scale and the corresponding score points are linked to a regression line. Thus, increasing straight lines between the measurement session points show an improvement of the parameter. A selection box allows you to use predefined groups to select gait parameters.

RehaGait Score Screen


The kinematics of the individual steps are displayed for such parameters as foot height, ground clearance, circumduction, velocity and acceleration. The representation of the left side is displayed in blue and for the right side in red. The mean value band (brightened hue of the respective side) represents the respective minimum and maximum of each step, the line representing the corresponding mean value. With the right selection box, you can also display the individual steps next to each other. A grey band in the background represents a reference range that is calculated for each percent in the gait cycle from the respective 5th to 95th percentile of a healthy reference group.

RehaGait Kinematics Screen


RehaGait analysis software uses a database for user management and storage of analysis results. In this way, the user has at any time access to older measurements in order to compare them to each other or to present and evaluate progress parameters. Here comparison parameters were shown in brackets.

RehaGait Comparison of Parameters

Report function

The system gives the practitioner the ability to export information and send to referrers or other practitioners working in a multidisciplinary sense. To report your results, you can create and print a report. The report is created for the analyzed measurement of the selected individual. If you have analyzed two measurements for a comparison, both measurements are shown in the report.

RehaGait Report Function