Gait Analysis
RehaGait Gait Analysis and Gait Therapy with inertial sensors, analyser straps, tablet and Software

What is a MotionSensor

The RehaGait Analyzer is equipped with up to 7 inertial sensors, which record spatio-temporal specific parameters during walking. The accuracy is clinically valid according to the gold standard and has been published several times in scientific studies (Schwesig et al., 2010, Donath et al., 2016). These sensors utilize the inertia of the mass to detect movement changes. The inertial sensors consist of a three-axis accelerometer for recording the linear acceleration, a three-axis gyroscope for recording the angular velocity and a three-axis magnetometer for recording the earth's magnetic field.

RehaGait Motion Sensor

The MotionSensors are attached at 7 points; around the waist, above the knees, above the ankles and on the proximal, lateral aspect of the foot or shoe. The motion sensors connect via Bluetooth to the tablet software and can be read from up to 20m away.