Gait Analysis
RehaGait Gait Analysis and Gait Therapy with inertial sensors, analyser straps, tablet and Software

Parameter overview

Software and parameters:

The RehaGait software comes pre-programmed on the included Windows tablet, this intuitive system allows you to perform the recordings quickly and easily and view the gait patterns on the tablet. All the most common functions are presented in an easy to navigate left-hand menu rather than buried in multiple complex menus. A custom report can be generated within 10 minutes of your subject walking through the door! On this basis, the following parameters are available:

RehaGait Parameter Screen

Spatial-temporal parameters
• Stride duration (s)
• Stride length (m)
• Cadence (/min)
• Velocity (m/s)
• Foot angle (°)
• Ankle joint angle (°) (only on the Pro version)
• Knee joint angle (°) (only on the Pro version)
• Hip joint angle (°) (only on the Pro version)
• Ground clearance (cm)
• Foot height (cm)
• Circumduction (cm)

• Spatial Variability 
• Time Variability

Gait phases (according to J. Perry, 2010)
• Periods
• Functional tasks
• Single gait phases

Advantages of RehaGait:

Gait quality
Detailed analysis supplies information on the functional aspects of movement. By comparing the results with reference values, problems can be identified and evaluated.

Ensuring a high quality
The progress made and the success of treatment can be documented during the research process. ‘Pre’ and ‘Post’ measurements are represented as graphs, allowing a direct comparison. 

Research Progress
Regular measurement illustrate the progress and are helpful in the decision process for further intervention.