Gait Analysis
RehaGait Gait Analysis and Gait Therapy with inertial sensors, analyser straps, tablet and Software

Product Overview - What does RehaGait do?

RehaGait is designed to strengthen subjective diagnosis by quantifying and refining what can be seen and helping to detect and track changes over time. RehaGait comes with up to 7 straps and MotionSensors which can be fitted to the feet, lower legs, thighs and hip. The ideal walking distance is about 20 meters. During walking, the foot movement is measured, especially the patterns of acceleration and angular velocity.

RehaGait - Mobile Gait Analysis for scientific purposes


Objective results, combined with integrated video capture function allows you to monitor the individual┬┤s condition, determine problem areas, assess the gait quality and identify asymmetries in the lower limbs.

  • Intuitive handling
  • Mobile use
  • Objective data
  • Results and course of the therapy are shown graphically
  • No need for a gait lab, you can use it outside or on a treadmill
  • Complete freedom of movement